Sunday, 13 June 2010

Kitsch Architecture

Kitsch is a generally used word whose complex meaning tends to be linked with "bad taste", "cheap", "popular culture" or "mass culture". It is funny how there is no exact translation of this word but, at the same time, there are several local equivalents: in Spain one might talk about hortera, cutre or cursi; in english-spoken regions, corny o trash.

In Peru, the local version of kitsch is huachafo. And, as with every other equivalent to the word, it does not mean quite the same.

I will not struggle with establishing differences between huachafo and kitsch, for I have another virtual space to dwell on that subject ( However, just as I do in that brother-blog, I will try to define some concepts that will help to establish a link between kitsch - popular taste, everydayness, non-academic art - and architecture. And I intend to take the spontaneous architecture in Lima as a case study, even though examples from other locations will be as well used.

This is what this blog is about.

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