Monday, 20 August 2012

Shark Girl Riding a Pig

Shark Girl Riding a Pic, Casey Riordan Millard

"Casey Riordan Millard graduated with a BFA from Ohio University, Athens, Ohio in 1994. She has exhibited her large-scale installations, ceramic works, paintings and drawings in galleries throughout the United States including the Fuller Craft Museum, Brocton, Massachusetts, Cincinnati Art Museum, John Michael Kohler Center for the Arts, Sheboygan, Wisconsin and Packer-Schopf Gallery, Chicago, Illinois. Her work is in the permanent collection of the Cincinnati Art Museum and has been featured in the publications Hi-Fructose Magazine, New American Paintings, Lark Studio Series Ceramic Sculptures, and Lark’s 500 Ceramic Sculptures. In 2009 she received an Efroymson Contemporary Art Fellowship and in 2011 was a finalist in the Cincinnati Art Museum’s Fourth Floor competition. Her work will be featured in October of 2012 at the UnMuseum in Cincinnati’s Contemporary Arts Center. Currently, she lives and works in Cincinnati, Ohio."

Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Palacio Dorado Hotel (O. Chuquiruna)

Octavio Chuquiruna, Peruvian builder (not a professional architect). A recent work northern Lima.

"I've always liked detail." he says, "to do a good façade, to make suggestions to the owner. Sometimes, because of economic reasons, the owner would say to me, 'no, do it just simple,' but I would say to him, 'What if we put just a little shape here?'. The owner, happily, would say to me, 'let's do it,' and he would be very pleased."

El Palacio Dorado. Av. Puente Piedra Sur, 1308.

Chuquiruna, O. (2002) "Diseñando la ciudad". In: Coloquio Lo cholo en el Perú. Migraciones y Mixtura. Lima: Biblioteca Nacional. p 166.

Saturday, 4 August 2012

Mockitecture: Honestly, Why? Are you Serious?
The authors of this post have a blog called Mochitecture, which, as far as I understand it, is another way to refer to kitsch architecture. They talk about it, present examples of it and, ultimately, try to identify some sort of "mockitectural theoros".

Here, a little example of the goals they've identify on mockitecture, which I think are a lot like those of kitsch architecture.

"Goals of mockitecure...
- attempts to continue tradition of california crazy and architectural folly as well as post modernism while incorporating technology and traditional architectural theory and ethics
- critiques the ambiguity and pompous gestures of contemporary architecture
- underscores a lighter side of architecture, both tectonically and critically
- make light of the vocabulary used in architectural discourse
- theorizes a new attitude about playfulness and architecture
- makes light through critique of bad architectural solutions and ideas"

Full article here: Mockitecture: Honestly, Why? Are you Serious?

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