Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Palacio Dorado Hotel (O. Chuquiruna)

Octavio Chuquiruna, Peruvian builder (not a professional architect). A recent work northern Lima.

"I've always liked detail." he says, "to do a good façade, to make suggestions to the owner. Sometimes, because of economic reasons, the owner would say to me, 'no, do it just simple,' but I would say to him, 'What if we put just a little shape here?'. The owner, happily, would say to me, 'let's do it,' and he would be very pleased."

El Palacio Dorado. Av. Puente Piedra Sur, 1308.

Chuquiruna, O. (2002) "Diseñando la ciudad". In: Coloquio Lo cholo en el Perú. Migraciones y Mixtura. Lima: Biblioteca Nacional. p 166.

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  1. Algún día tendré mi casa propia y será así :3


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