Saturday, 30 July 2011

Fantasy Worlds (I)

Deidi von Schaewen & John Maizels (1999) Fantasy Worlds.
Köln: Taschen.

The only book I know who presents more than a handful of out-of-the-box original and creative kitsch architecture... whether their creators (architects, sculptors, painters and the next door neighbour) aimed for kitsch or not!

Definitely makes us think about what would happen if we all had free time, some knowledge on sticking stuff together and a teensy bit of imagination. Some of the examples could make you smile, some others just make your eyes pop out of their sockets while your brain thinks "this cannot be, you've gotta be kidding me!", the rest of them are just too close to my dream house or park. 

It is amazing the way some of the examples showed are very much alike, even though they belong to distant corners of the world and are made by very different people. It makes me think about what Abraham Moles says about "the principle of variegation" in his book on Kitsch. Maybe most of us are just made like that, willing to collect stuff (colourful, shiny, diverse stuff) and to put it all together.

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